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Partner with Us for Pharma and Healthcare Consulting

Our clientele spans from start-ups to industry giants, consultancies, investors, suppliers, and banks. These diverse clients leverage our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Consulting services to gain critical insights into the local market.

MEA Pharma and Healthcare Landscape

The UAE's pharmaceutical sector is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the needs of an expanding population. The country is dedicated to fostering local pharmaceutical manufacturing and attracting international companies to achieve self-sufficiency and build a robust knowledge base. The UAE's 2030 vision includes the most comprehensive plan to date for developing the nation's Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector. This initiative extends an open invitation to industrialists, investors, and entrepreneurs to collaborate with the UAE Health Ministry, capitalizing on the exceptional value proposition to develop, manufacture, and export their products.

The overall MEA market is estimated at approximately USD 36 billion, with key markets implementing strong regulations that favor locally manufactured products, particularly in the Pharma generics sector. The increasing adoption of Pharma generics and the UAE's localized policies present significant opportunities for companies to establish operations or partner with local players to achieve faster market access.


Currently, 80% of the UAE's pharmaceutical drug demand is met through imports, presenting substantial growth opportunities for our clients via the localization and partnerships in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.

Our Strengths

- Established Network: Strong connections with UAE Government agencies and Health Ministers.
- Market Intelligence: Insights into government subsidies on healthcare initiatives.
- Market Analysis & Competitor Intelligence: Detailed market and competitive landscape evaluations.
- Corporate Strategy: Expert guidance on corporate strategy development.
- Strategic Planning: Comprehensive strategic planning services.
- Partnership Models: Innovative partnership frameworks.
- New Market Access: Strategies to enter new markets effectively.
- New Product Development: Support for the development of new products.
- Commercialization: Expertise in bringing products to market.
- Business Development, Licensing, and Due Diligence: Assistance in business expansion, licensing opportunities, and due diligence processes.
- Portfolio Optimization Strategies: Optimization of product portfolios.
- Asset Maximization and Lifecycle Strategy: Strategies for maximizing asset value and managing product lifecycles.
- Regulatory Intelligence: In-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements.
- Commercial Opportunity Assessments: Evaluation of commercial potential.
- Product Forecasting and Evaluation: Accurate product forecasting and valuation.

Partner with us today to navigate the complexities of the Pharma and Healthcare sector in the UAE and beyond, and to capitalize on the immense opportunities within this dynamic market.

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