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Our clients range from start-ups to major players, consultancies, investors, industry suppliers and banks. Our clients use our Pharmaceutical& Healthcare Consulting services to gain insights into local market

MEA Pharma and Healthcare Landscape

The UAE pharmaceutical sector is expanding rapidly to meet the evolving needs of a growing population. The UAE is focused on developing local manufacturers of pharmaceutical products as well as attracting international pharmaceutical companies to the country to achieve self-sufficiency and build knowledge and expertise. With its 2030 vision, UAE has largest and most comprehensive plan for developing the UAE’s Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sector and extending an open invitation to industrialists, investors, and entrepreneurs to engage with the UAE Health Ministry and benefit from the UAE’s exceptional value proposition to fulfil their ambitions of developing, manufacturing, and exporting their products.

Overall, MEA market is estimated to be ~USD 36 bn; Key markets have strong regulations giving preference to locally manufactured products in case of Pharma generics. With increasing adoption of Pharma generics in the market and UAE’s Localized policies gives an important consideration for companies to setting up localized operations or partnering with local players in UAE to drive its penetration to gain faster market access.


80% of UAE’s pharmaceutical drug demand must be imported, which allows our clients for significant growth in UAE’s Pharma sector through the localization / partnerships of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.

Our Strengths

• Established network with UAE Government agencies, Health Ministers

• Market intelligence on Govt. subsidies on healthcare initiatives

• Market Analysis & Competitor Intelligence

• Corporate Strategy

• Strategic Planning

• Partnership Models

• New Market Access

• New Product Development

• Commercialization

• Business Development, Licensing and Due diligence

• Portfolio Optimization Strategies

• Asset maximization and Lifecyle Strategy

• Regulatory intelligence

• Commercial opportunity assessments

• Product Forecasting and Evaluation

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you with our Pharma and Healthcare Consulting services, please contact us.

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